Sony Headphones review

I love gadgets solely because they make our life simple and they also give us pleasure. I recently viewed a review site wize having reviews on all types of gadgets. It is a review site where each product is ranked based on expert and user reviews. This website had reviews about various gadgets headphones, mobiles, camcorders, cameras etc.

I surfed this site and I came across these cool sony headphones. These headphones have good sound quality and features, after all they are sony headphones and they got to have class and features.

I would like to share review about a sony headphones I liked.

Sony MDRNC22 Consumer Headphones

These headphones come with a volume control and have got good sound quality.

It has a very small size due to its earbud design. Small power consumption,stereo sound and sensitivity of 102 dB are some of its prominent features.

It has a wizerank of 89 and lists among the top headphones.

There is one problem is its noise cancelling which is not so good. It adds a slight hiss to the sound which is a very disturbing feature and but it doesn't matter much cause the hiss is usually not noticable

It is priced between 67$ -100$ which according to me might not meet everyone's pocket but it is worth every penny spent on it.


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