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Most of the site owners are confused or do not know what type of hosting will fulfill their requirements. The solution to this problem is WebhostingChoice.com. It is a comprehensive web hosting guide which helps users to find best hosts suitable for their website. It also lists the top 10 web hosting services such as GoDaddy, Hostgator along with their price. These hosts are rated on the basis on affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. If you still cannot make up your mind, then you can view the detailed review of the host. Each hosting in the list has its own unique feature. Some hosting services have a speedy support while others are green hosts, each suitable for a particular user.
You can also search for a specific host in the Host Directory. You can search for hosts from various categories such as blog, budget, business, Linux, PHP, ASP and Python hosting.

Are you new to hosting? No need to worry. Webhosting choice has a quick start guide and FAQ page which will solve most of your queries. Webhosting Choice also has an informative article about hosting scams which is about the various ways hosts try to scam users. You can also refer to the links on the resources page for further information.
For a host it is a good platform to publicize your hosting services on a website which has such a huge traffic base.You can submit a host by filling up a form to request inclusion to their site.

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