Chassis according to Wikipedia is a chassis consists of a framework that supports an inanimate object, analogous to an animal's skeleton, for example in a motor vehicle or a firearm. According to me it is the skeleton of the robot. The first part of a robot is its chassis. The shape and size of the chassis depends upon the shape of the robot or vehicle to be made. The shape can be circular,rectangular,triangular. Circular and rectangular shapes are most widely used but you can make chassis of any desired shape,it can even be irregular depending upon the application of the robot.
Now it is important to select the material of the chassis. The selection criteria depends upon following factors:
(1) The size of the robot
(2) Budget

The larger the size of the robot the larger the weight bearing power is needed therefore for small robots wood or plastic materials are used for making the chassis.
For larger robots cast iron is used because it is cheaper and weldable(Can be easily welded other metal parts) but only problem is that it gets corroded easily,therefore it is usually painted on all sides. Another option for heavy robots is use Galvanized Iron sheets it is rust free but doesn’t weld. For light weight robots aluminum or brass sheets are used.

Selection of chassis is very important task because it acts as a housing for all other parts such as batteries,motors,sensors,wires and also gives the robot a specific shape.


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