In our college we do not have a real micromouse event it is a joke
It is only a programmed device lacking senses.
In a micromouse the car has senses i.e. it has to traverse the maze in the minimum time possible by using sensory devices.

It requires a lot of brainstorming in making an efficient micromouse.
By an efficient micromouse i mean a micromouse which can to cover the maximum distance in the minimum possible time.

This is a video of the best micromouse made by a student of IIT Mumbai, ashish bhatt
It is a real visual treat

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Siddharth said...

the event in our college should be rightly called as "offline programming". They call it micromouse as if there are real autonomous mice negotiating the mazes. Ashish bhatt won the micromouse challenge in britain, and since then no one has made a better micromouse than him. He devoted all his 4 years at iitb in making the micromouse, he is a celebrity now. Ppl must be laughing at the "micromouse" held in our college"

Pranjal said...

Who told you Ashish Bhatt won a competition in britain!!!!!

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