How To make a H-Bridge for a motor

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All those who are participating in carnage and/or robowars will find this interesting

This is a hack which helps in fast change of direction of DC motor which can help in fast switch
between forward and backward direction

An H-bridge is a type of circuit that you can use to get a reversible DC motor to spin both clockwise and counterclockwise.

In other words, this circuit allows you to quickly reverse the direction a motor is spinning by using a switch or controller chip to change its direction.

I'm going to show you how to make the simplest and most reliable form of H-bridge that I know how to make. I must warn you that this is by no means the best H-bridge design and, in fact, it has a couple shortcoming which I will explain later.

Although, should you never have made an H-bridge before or simply need a circuit that can reverse the direction of a motor's spin, then this circuit is a quick and easy solution.

This is the link to the instructions to make a H-Bridge

Here is the link where the working of the H-Bridge is shown


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SHIVAM said...
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SHIVAM said...
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Radu Motisan said...

so basically you've used relays for this one?

I guess it works nice, I've also built a hbridge recently but using transistors,

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