How to make a Javapath File??

My friends have problems with setting the CLASSPATH

so to set the classpath we follow the following steps

  1. we open the notepad
  2. we add the following data

set PATH=%path%;E:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_01\bin;
set CLASSPATH=.;E:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_01\lib;.;E:\java files\jchart2d-2.0.0.jar;
set JAVA_HOME=E:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_01;

3. we save it as a .BAT file

my java was installed in E:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_01\

if your java is in any other folder just replace this by the path where your java

files have been stored.

u must be thinking wat is jchart2d-2.0.0.jar

jchart2d is a java charting library and is used for dynamic charting


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